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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Customer Letters of Reference in Response to Customer Care Service


Friday, June 17th, 1983


10 South Riverside Plaza

Suite 1470

Chicago, Illinois 60606

For attention: Ms. Gardenia Hung

My husband and I are South African tourists, who asked for your assistance in tracing our lost luggage from TW Airlines in St. Louis, Missouri at the end of May. It is with sincere gratitude that we wish to thank you for your expert help, given with such friendliness and efficiency. Not only did you have to make use of numerous telephone calls to help us, on a Sunday and Memorial Day holiday, but a member of your group telephoned later to check that our bags were received in good order.

Thank you so very much.

Yours sincerely,

Signed by Mrs. M.E. S. Acrels

Cable Address “SANMORITZ” TWX 710-581-4827


Stamped by GESA Central22 Marzo 1985 Teléfono 241-9310Telex: 22527 CidónCables Cidón, S.L.Gran Vía, 62MADRID -13España 26 de Febrero de 1985 GENERAL EUROPEA, S.A.Rambla, Cataluña, 98 BisBARCELONA 8 Estimados señores: Acuso recibo a su carta de fecha 31/1/85 en relación con la asistencia que me prestaron durante mi viaje a U.S.A. el 5/12/84. Recibí un servicio muy bueno y así lo hice saber a la señorita que me atendió por teléfono en Chicago. Fué muy amable y todo se resolvió muy favorablemente. Yo no he dudado en recomendar su compañía a personas amigas. De nuevo muy agradecido por su interés y aprovecho la ocasión para enviarles mis mejores y más cordiales saludos. Signed by Mariano Cidón P.S. Huelga decirles que nuestro personal utiliza su seguro (de viajes).

22 Mars 1985 V/Réf. 100.84.0411N/Réf. 05.84.40002.016.017 MC GESA ASSISTANCE150 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 350Chicago, Illinois 60606 U.S.A. Messieurs, Veuillez trouver ci-joint lettre de félicitation que nous venons de recevoir de l'assuré. Nous vous remerçions de bien vouloir la transmettre à la personne qui s'est occupée de cette affaire, en la félicitant également de notre part. Veuillez agréer, Messieurs, nos salutations distinguées. GENERAL EUROPEA, S.A. Gesassistance Initial Signature

Communications Media Arts Consultant, Illinois Notary Public in Du Page County, Illinois Certified Teacher, Integrated Marketing Communications Consultant, Creative Designer, Chicago Designing Mind...

--Technical Manuals Translation for Babcock Corp. Germany-USA, Spanish for Mexico, Roselle, IL Compact Disks, 2001

--Destination Services Relocation for Family Guidance International, Toronto, Canada, 2000, assisting European executives from Stora Enso in Germany, Finland, and Sweden to relocate in the Chicagoland area.

--Digital Video for San Filippo Plum Tree Farm, Barrington Hills, Illinois, English in color, 2H30, 2000

--Web Site Translation, SGIT Network, Online E-Zine, Original Media, Palm Springs, California, Spanish, 2000

--SRAM Corp. Germany-France-USA, Technical Patent Translation, French to English, 1997 to present

--Marketing Media for CPNA Chicago, Illinois, Graphics Design, 2000

--Advertising Inserts for Tabbies/Xertrex International, Itasca, Illinois, Spanish, 2000

--16th Annual Chicago Latino Cinema, Film Synopsis Translations for the International Latino Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois, Spanish, 2000

--Audio/Video Script Translation for WTTW, Channel 11, Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, Spanish, 1999

--Leroy Merlin USA Annual Report, USA, Naperville, Illinois, French, 1999

--French family from Lyons, relocation, cross-cultural, and child tutoring in Woodridge, Illinois, 1997

--Multimedia Translation for Information Kiosks, English, Spanish, French, German, IMWW, Chicago, IL, 1994-1999

--American National Can-Pechiney, Translation of Annual Report, Computer Project, French, Spanish, 1996, 1997

--Medical brochure for the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care, Spanish, Chicago, IL, 1996