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Saturday, June 5, 2010

GESA Assistance Premier Services

GESA Assistance Premier
Customer Service for Travel Insurance
Letter from GESA Assistance on April 11, 1984

Dear Miss Hung:

With the present letter I am pleased to confirm the recent agreement made between yourself and our Company, Groupe Européen, S.A., registered in Brussels 1040, 38-39 Square de Meeus, Bte 8, Tel. (02) 513.91.52, Telex 22492 ASGESA Brussels.

We understand that you have committed yourself to work every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday of each calendar year. The working hours are from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and the hourly rate will be $5.60 (five dollars and 60/100). Your responsibility will be to man the emergency lines and arranged consequently the right service in order to help the insured in distress.

For the present time, you will be reporting any new cases or new developments on the already existing files either to Ms. Huguette Callaway or to me, depending on who is on call, and you will make sure the cases are followed properly by the evening shift.

You understand the degree of responsibility and commitment this new position offers; we rely on your knowledge and experience to face this new challenge and we count on you.

Both parties reserve the right to terminate the present agreement, giving each other a two-week notice.

We hope these terms are agreable to you and wishing both parties a mutual and fruitful relationship, we remain,

Executive Director